Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pink and Blue

I've said this before...I'm not quite the pretty pink n blue pastel kinda girl...but I do like the way these swatches have turned out. They're going off to a couple of ladies one in the U.K and one in the states...and as per their comments and as per my research looking at their blogs...I think they'll appreciate the colours :)
I keep going on about how much fum  I had printing, but I forgot to mention the incredible joy it is photographing your handiwork!
I'm suffering with only a point n shoot camera at my disposal (new SLR yet to be researched n bought!) but thank goodness for photoshop which has been my saving grace in helping make these pictures look slightly presentable..

I'm yet to layout my last swatch that I did for this swap.Pictures will be up soon...
Its been great having something creative / arty n crafty to do in the evenings after work and I hope I can put this new found motivation to some more good use :)
Hope everyone is having a good weekend despite the terrible weather...on the bright side...perfect for movie marathons and lots of tea!

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