Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lucky Last...

This wasn't the plan. A multicolour handprint was never on the agenda and even when I made the impulsive decision to mix all the colours and give it a go - I never expected it to work! I did it all on a whim and as I went along ... I totally love how its turned out...Again, not usually a primary-straight out of the tube kinda girl, but hey! its all about how it looks but more importantly how it makes me feel...
And this particular one brings me lots of cheer everytime I look at it :)

So, there ends this wonderful handprinted swap! I had tremendous fun working on all the swatches and I hope my swap patners like what they receive!I can't wait to see what they've sent me!
I totally loved Vanessa's placement printed fabric she sent (photos up soon!) and Im sure the others will be just as unique ~
Thanks for those that followed this journey with me ! There will be more !

1 comment:

  1. I love my fabric and I just made a reusable lunch baggie with it. Now I can see your pretty print every day I go to work with my snacks :)